140 Kosovo citizens are in Syria, 75 of them are active members of the ISIS terrorist group

Blerim Rama from the Kosovo Police (KP) Counter-Terrorism Department, says that 140 Kosovo citizens are believed to have joined terrorist organizations.

The KP Officer Blerim Rama says that 75 out 140 Kosovo citizens are active supports of the terrorist organization – ISIS. “Based on our data the first group of Kosovo citizens joined terrorist groups in the second part of 2012.

The overall number of Kosovo citizens who travelled to war zones it is believed to be 316, out of which 44 are women and 29 children, these figures involve also those 38 citizens who have double citizenship.

“It is estimated that currently 149 Kosovo citizens are in conflict areas, including 75 people who are suspected to be active members of terrorist organizations and they have traveled to conflict zones with their wives and children,” said Blerim Rama during the International Conference Against Violent Extremism.

Source: /Gazeta Express