Al Nusra Front started a campaign to raise donations for its present and future military actions

Al Nusra Front has launched a campaign to raise donations to finance its present and future military operations. Although the campaign was originally launched by Al Nusra Front-affiliated social media accounts under the title of “The cry of the wounded” claiming to treat wounded combatants from the recent battles in Aleppo. Also many Twitter users urged Gulf businessmen to donate their money to finance the fighting against the Syrian Army.

Al Nusra Front is suffering a financial crisis, due to corruption within the organization. This was indicated by numerous sources close to the group, and even by (its leader, Abu Mohammed) al-Joulani himself, who said in a leaked audio recording that $1-1.5 billion has been squandered. Note that al-Joulani is being accused of mismanagement of the group’s finances.

Source: /Al-Manar