US-led troops thwart ISIS ambushed attack killing nine terrorists

U.S. Coalition and Syrian anti-Islamic State forces killed 9 militants during a botched ambush in Syria near the Iraqi-Jordanian border, Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) revealed in a Saturday statement.

“ISIS terrorists in vehicles with blacked-out headlights penetrated Syrian regime lines into the de-confliction zone. Coalition and partner forces ordered the vehicles to halt, upon which ISIS terrorists dismounted and began firing. Coalition and MaT partners returned fire, killing 9 ISIS members and destroying several vehicles,” the statement revealed using another name for ISIS.

OIR clarified that “Coalition officials and their Russian counterparts used the de-confliction telephone line to ensure forces on the ground did not belong to Russia or the Syrian Regime.”

The incident occurred at the At Tanf crossing which unites the borders of Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. The area is strategically important to all major parties fighting in Syria, particularly Iranian backed Shiite militias fighting for Bashar Al-Assad.

Source: Daily Caller