More than three years in prison for attorney Adnan Ala a-Din who joined ISIS terrorist group

Former attorney Adnan Ala a-Din was sentenced to three years in prison and nine months as part of a plea bargain over his membership in ISIS and support of a terrorist organization, after confessing to cooperating with others in preparing Molotov cocktails and planning to infiltrate into Syria.

The Haifa District Court sentenced former Nazareth public defender Adnan Jamil Ala a-Din to three years and nine months in prison and a year and three months suspended sentence as part of a plea bargain, after he confessed his membership in the ISIS terrorist organization.

The story broke in January 2015, when Ala a-Din was charged, along with six other Israeli Arabs, with membership of an illegal organization for attempting to join the Islamic State.

The six other members were all convicted and sentenced to prison terms between two to four years.

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The lawyer used to publish on Facebook various posts expressing his support of ISIS, and especially for their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In his verdict, Judge Diana Sela noted from the recommendation of the probation service that Ala a-Din took responsibility for his actions and said that he was exposed to the organization when he tried to help Syrian refugees and to raise donations for them.

He told the probation officer that he did not know that the organization was using violence, but even after he was exposed to the atrocities of the Islamic State, he found it difficult to disengage himself from his contacts to the group.

Ala A-Din testified that another thing that made him connect with ISIS was his time as a security detainee in 2014. He claimed that he had been handcuffed for many hours and had been subjected to violence by fellow detainees.

According to the indictment, the six would meet in the Sakhnin area and discuss radical Islam, for which they all expressed support, while being divided over whether to support Islamic State or the al-Nusra Front. Ultimately, in June 2014, they decided to support Islamic State and discussed ways to help the organization and even join it. After this, they met Ala a-Din via Facebook.

Ala a-Din took control of the group and begun to style himself as the “Islamic State’s chief of staff in Palestine.”

The group then started meeting at a horse ranch in the Arab village of Kafr Manda, in the Galilee. There the seven practiced making firebombs and other makeshift weapons. They also attempted to raise funds for their hoped-for trip to Syria, which, according to the legal documents, puts the price of joining Islamic State at $1,500. They also bought sheep to practice slaughtering living beings.

Source: YNET