The internet is the most effective tool for attracting supporters and recruiting soldiers for the Islamic State terrorist group

Egypt’s Mansoura University intends to share a scientific study during the second international conference organized by Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid University, under the title of “Media and Terrorism: Means and Strategies.” The 3-day event will commence this coming Tuesday as part of the international {media} war on ISIS.

The study, prepared by Professor of Journalism and IT at Mansoura University, Magdiel-Dagher, focuses on the websites of terrorist organizations ,especially ISIS. It aims to identify and understand the nature of the relationship between young people’s exposure to the electronic press and the level of knowledge they have on issues related to international terrorism.

Magdi’s study came to several conclusions, one of which is that a majority of young Saudis believe that the conflict between the political groups is one of the main causes of terrorism in the wake of the (so-called) Arab Spring revolutions.

Source: / Alanba