Turkish authorities set free imprisoned ISIS terrorists and sent them to Afrin to fight against the Kurds

The ISIS terrorists imprisoned in Turkey have been set free and sent to Afrin in Northern Syria to fight against the Kurds along with the Turkish army and its affiliated militants, Kurdish sources claimed.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported on Thursday that Turkey’s intelligence service has sent the ISIL terrorists who have earlier been imprisoned in Gaziantep, Calis and Hatay jails to Afrin.

The report added that a large number of ISIL members who had been arrested by the Turkish police while fleeing from Raqqa to Turkey have now been dispatched to Afrin in the form of 10-strong groups in return for monthly salaries.

Hawar news also disclosed that nearly 400 Turkamani terrorists have been sent by Ankara to the battlegrounds in Afrin, specially in Jandaris, Rajou and Bolboleh regions.

Turkish media sources disclosed on Monday that Ankara intends to expand its military operations against the Kurdish fighters as it has dispatched special forces to Afrin in Aleppo province.

“The Turkish police’s gendarmerie and special forces arrived in Afrin in Northern Syria via Heseh border crossing in Hatay province and Gol Baba in Kilis province,” the Turkish media reported.

They reiterated that the arrival of the Turkish army troops in Afrin is line with new battle in Afrin and with the aim of launching military operations in Afrin’s residential areas.

Source: Farsnews