Azerbaijan tries to divert attention from scandal of arms supply to ISIS terrorists

With the help of the latest provocation, Azerbaijani authorities are attempting to divert attention from the diplomatic scandal around the arms supply to the Islamic State terrorist group.

Davit Babayan, Head of the Central Information Department of the Office of the President of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic/NKR) and Deputy Head of the President’s Office, stated the aforesaid commenting—at the request of Armenian—on the Azerbaijanis’ firing on the positions of the NKR Defense Army, on Tuesday evening.

“The Defense Army has released a video of the shooting and an audio recording of the Azerbaijani commanders’ conversation,” noted Babayan. “I believe the OSCE has already been familiarized with them.”

In his assessment, such actions by Azerbaijan are in line with the terrorist essence of this country.

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“All this is happening against the backdrop of the diplomatic scandal of Azerbaijan’s arms supply to the Islamic State,” Babayan added.

Also, he stressed that when carrying out provocations, Azerbaijani authorities use their own civilians as human shields.

“Losses [of lives] among the civilian population are convenient for the ruling regime of Azerbaijan,” Davit Babayan stated. “By doing so, they wish to divert the [Azerbaijani] people’s attention from domestic problems, sharpen the image of the ‘hated enemy [Armenians].’”

He added, however, that the vanguard units of the Artsakh Defense Army control the situation on the line of contact.

“Our [NKR] military-political doctrine is based on active defense,” Davit Babayan concluded. “This means that we are not the first to start, but we are always ready to respond.”

Source: News AM