ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi ordered to his terrorists to reorganize in southern parts of Libya

The leader of Islamic State (IS) organization Abu Baker al-Baghdadi had ordered his militants to resort to southern Libya after they were defeated in Iraq and Syria.

In his letters to the IS leaders in Libya, which have been revealed recently, Baghdadi instructs them to use the rugged areas in south of Libya for reorganizing the militants fleeing from Iraq and Syria, Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Thursday.

The IS chief has also ordered his followers to target Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

“Asharq Al-Awsat has seen documents seized from the headquarters of the IS in different parts of Libya, including letters from al-Baghdadi to 13 of his top aides in Libya, some of which date back to the end of last year, and a few weeks later,” the source said.

These documents are kept by the Libyan authorities, it said.

In one of his letters, al-Baghdadi admitted the defeats of the organization in Iraq and Syria, calling on his aides to seek to compensate these defeats by going to the south of Libya.

Source: Basnews