95% of Muslim Brotherhood assets worth a total of 45 billion pounds ($2,5 billion)

Judicial sources revealed that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Asset Freeze Committee has managed, since its inception in November 2013, to appropriate approximately 95% of the funds belonging to the group’s leaders. These include real estate or liquid or movable assets, as well as stocks, bonds, secret bank accounts and companies.

The estimated value of these funds is 45 billion pounds ($2.5 billion). The judicial sources asserted that the Committee investigated 1400 Brotherhood leaders and proved their financing of terrorist operations. Therefore, the Committee appropriated their properties and assets, but did not confiscate them.

This means that these properties may not be disposed of until a final judgment by a criminal court is issued to confiscate them. In addition, the Committee has seized 1121 associations that used their budgets to finance terrorism.

Source: /Gulfeyes