Muslim Brotherhood provides financial support for terrorist activities in Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Public Prosecution’s investigations into the killing of terror leader Mustafa Sayed Ali Al-Ghazali, known also as “Abdullah Azzam”, revealed that he had been the commander of one of the most dangerous terrorist cells in Qalyubiya.

Azzam was recently killed during clashes with security forces in a remote region between Abou Zaabal and Al Khanka. He was killed while making preparations to carry out several operations in the near future, to provoke panic among citizens and generate instability.

According to investigations, security services monitored the movements of terrorists affiliated with “Lewaa Al-Thawra”(Revolution Brigade) in a remote area in Abou Zaabal. This came following receipt of information regarding the coordination of Lewaa Al-Thawra, the Brotherhood-affiliated “Hasm” movement, and “Swa3ed Masr.”

Egypt’s National Security Service concluded that these three organizations are affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood, which has resorted to forming new armed groups under new names for media purposes. These groups claim responsibility for acts of violence and terrorism, which Egypt security services believe are being funded by fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leaders based in Turkey and Qatar.

Investigations show that the Brotherhood took over the provision of financial support for terrorist movements on the ground, using several ploys and tricks to send money to its members at home and abroad.

Source: / Elwatan News