Muslim Brotherhood companies accused for initiating the fabricating medicine crisis in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood organization claimed that the contrived drug crisis in Egypt was initiated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They allegedly exploited the companies they own to purchase and store vital medicines from the market.

Note that some Brotherhood pharmaceutical companies were seized due to administrative irregularities. Authorities claimed these companies had plotted to stop selling medications in drug-stores and to sell them, instead, on the black market. The scheme was aimed at destabilizing Egyptian society by tampering with one of the basic needs of the citizen and patient (population).

Investigations, carried out by regulators and the courts, indicate that leaders of the Brotherhood, whose properties are yet to be appropriated, have financed some cells seeking to “sow dissent and terrorism in Egyptian society.”Some of these leaders exploited their ownership of companies to contrive a medicine-shortage crisis.

Source: / Kol7sry News