Muslim Brotherhood is selling drugs through hashish dealers with a mission to destroy the Egyptian youth

Muslim Brotherhood uses hashish dealers to target universities, so as to promote their products there among the Egyptian youth. This move clearly aims at increasing their profits from such trade, especially since universities house the largest concentration of young people.

Former Egyptian Minister of Interior’s security assistant, Major General Magdy Al-Shahed, does not rule out the possibility that the excessive promotion of drugs in the past was initiated by Islamist groups. This is because these groups focus on young people in an attempt to “destroy their minds “while also harming the (national) economy.

Al-Shahed added that it was recently anticipated that the Muslim Brotherhood might turn to such means in an attempt to control the youth and the Egyptian universities. He asserted that Brotherhood activists, despite their low number, are capable of doing so because they possess money and are influential.

Source: / Elfagr