Muslim Brotherhood organization receives $57 million annually from Zakat funds

Kuwaiti media personality, Mohammed Al-Mulla, disclosed that a recent Arab report indicates that the number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the Gulf region comes to over four million, 200,000-300,000 of whom reside in Kuwait.

The report claims that the Muslim Brotherhood compels its members abroad to pay Zakat, based on their financial situation. Members of the first group need to pay $1,250 a year since their annual income is at least $50,000. Members of the second group, whose annual income is at least $100,000,pay $2,500. Members of the third group pay $5,000 for an annual income of $200,000.

Based on a simple calculation, according to authors of the report, the annual total obtained by the organization from Zakat alone comes to roughly $357 million.

Source: /Gulfeyes