U.S citizen from California arrested for attempting to join ISIS terrorist group

The feds have busted a California man they says was dreaming and scheming to join ISIS.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors unveiled charges Tuesday against Bernard Raymond Augustine, saying he tried to give material support to the so-called Islamic State terror group.

Augustine, 21, was turned over to authorities from Tunisia, where he was convicted in November 2016 for entering the country with plans to join terrorists in Libya.

Court papers said when Augustine left for the northern African nation in February 2016, he told a San Francisco customs officer was planning to vacation there.

In the lead-up to his failed takfiri jaunt, Augustine filled his head with ISIS propaganda, including one video showing the decapitations of more than 20 Ethiopian Christians, according to investigators.

Prosecutors analyzing Augustine’s laptop said they found evidence he conducted a December 2015 internet search for “how to safely join ISIS.”

Augustine, who was arraigned Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court, faces up to 20 years if convicted.

Source: Abna24