Some 20 women and 30 children left Finland for ISIS-controlled territories in 2017

About 20 women and 30 children left Finland for territories controlled by the Islamic State terror group last year, the Finnish Internal Affairs Ministry said on Monday.

“Around 20 women of age and around 30 children left Finland in 2017 for the territories controlled by the ISIS. It is estimated that around ten children will be born on ISIS territory to the parents who have ties with Finland. Some of them may also pose a security threat,” the ministry’s statement said.

According to Finland’s police, over 80 people, not counting children, have left Finland for ISIS-controlled territories since 2012.

In 2017, Finnish security forces traced around 100 crimes related to extremism, the police said, adding that the number of potential terrorists amounted to around 300 people.

ISIS militants have strongholds in Syria and Iraq, and also have regional affiliates in the Middle East and North Africa. The group is notorious for its brutality and many human rights violations, as well as for recruiting militants, commonly young people, from all over the world via social networks.

Source: Sputnik