Bloody Berlin Christmas market: ISIS claim responsibility for the terrorist attack that killed at least 12 people

At least 12 people were killed and 48 others injured when a stolen truck was driven into a busy Christmas market in the German capital on Monday evening.

Police have revealed they are treating the incident as a presumed terror attack and they believe the driver intentionally drove into the crowds.

Now the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Force have revealed ISIS may have claimed credit for the horrific ordeal. It is understood this “intelligence” is based on tweets from jihadi social media accounts the IPMF tracks.

A IPMF spokesman tweeted: “Breaking ISIS use truck to plow into civilians shopping for Christmas in Berlin, Germany(sic).” Some media sources – including the Washington Times – have taken this as a sign the alleged attack on Berlin was ISIS related.

But authorities have not confirmed these claims and there is no further evidence the murderous regime are involved.

The director of the jihadi news outlet, SITE Intelligence Group, Rita Katz has also denied the death cult has claimed responsibility.

Source: /Daily Star