ISIS is spreading Christmas slaughter fear as jihadists call for slasher attacks on nightclub drunks

The evil death cult stooped to new lows in 2016 after carrying out some of the most barbaric terror attacks the world has ever seen.

From axe attacks to lorry massacres, terrorists are resorting to increasingly savage and experimental methods of killing.

But now ISIS are calling for brainwashed jihadists to go back to basics.

A new terror manual released online is urging jihadists in the west to slice up lone “kafirs” – meaning disbelievers – with “serrated knifes”.

Plunging knives into the “major organs” of non-believers “returning from night shifts”, walking through public parks and lingering outside nightclubs should be their main aim, it urges.

The horrifying publication, titled Ruminyah, was released by ISIS propaganda channel Al Hayat Media Centre.

In a chapter titled “just terror tactics”, the writer advises jihadists on how best to wage a “campaign on terror” in the west.

The terror guru advisers the use of knifes because they are “readily accessible, extremely easy to conceal and highly lethal”.

Source: /Daily Star