ISIS mass grave containing 60 dead civilians found in Mosul’s Old City

Nineveh Police forces have found a mass grave in Midan area in Mosul’s Old City district, containing 60 bodies of mostly former members of Nineveh security forces.

The security forces have found a mass grave containing 60 victims, 40 of whom were former Nineveh police members, Capt. Ahmad al-Obeidi from Nineveh Police said, adding that they all were massacred by the ISIS terrorists in Midan area in Old City district of west Mosul.

He stated that “The bodies were tortured and the victims were apparently shot in the head,” mentioning that “the grave was found on a piece of abandoned land in Midan.

“The security forces found the mass grave during a mopping-up operation in the area,” said Obeidi.

Source: Abna24