Saudi Criminal Court: Death sentence to ISIS terrorist who killed his cousin

Riyadh’s Criminal Court issued a preliminary death sentence against a Saudi citizen after he was convicted of killing a number of civilians and security men, including his own cousin.

The incident took place when the Saudi man took his cousin on the first day of Eid al-Adha of 2015 to the province of al-Shamli in Hail. He tied him up at gunpoint and then shot him. The convict pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The judge informed the convict who attended the court on a wheelchair that he had 30 days to submit an appeal against the verdict, but the defendant expressed his acceptance of the initial ruling, without knowing the meaning of the sentence or crucifixion in judicial rulings. This made it clear that he is ignorant of the Islamic law, although he is a member of ISIS, a terrorist organization which performs its terrorist operations on alleged religious justifications.

The videotape, which circulated on social media, was known as “Enough, Saad!” and revealed the truth that the terrorist organization is not based on a legitimate religious principle, especially that the killer entered the courtroom in Riyadh, not knowing the difference between pleading to defend his case, or the various verdicts.

The convict told the judge that his case is clear and does not need to continue in deliberation sessions, even though he did not communicate with anyone from the terrorist organization inside or outside Saudi Arabia.

He confessed to all the evidence against him, except filming the video clip and posting it on the Internet. However, evidence showed that he spent most of his time browsing social media and reading about current events in conflict areas, including Syria. Also, it was revealed that he asked his father to secretly issue a passport for him to travel to Syria.

The convict, along with his brother, decided to kill their cousin, after they advised him to quit his job in the Saudi Armed Forces. However, the victim did not take them seriously.

On the day of the incident, they all went to a desert area to hunt birds, and after they arrived, the convict stopped the car and they stepped out from it. He and his brother tied their cousin with ropes and the defendant asked his brother to shoot a video of the assassination.

He then announced his allegiance to ISIS leader Baghdadi and killed his cousin. Then, they escaped the crime scene and left their cousin there.

The perpetrator also carried out a terrorist attack on a police station as well as a traffic section in Hail, killing a number of security men as well as civilians.

After targeting a number of security personnel, the convict went to stay in a high desert area. He then moved with his brother to other locations.

Security forces then besieged them in one of the areas asking them to surrender. However, they refused and shot at the police wanting to kill them, and during the clashes the convict sustained a light injury in the head.

He gave his gun to his brother, and they took cover in a mountainous area. A security man spotted them and they killed him, and after that they tried to escape the area in a patrol car, but it flipped during the chase and security forces arrested them.

Source: Aawsat