FSB detained ISIS terror cell plotting terrorist attacks in Russia’s Rostov region

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has exposed a cell of the Islamic State terror group, whose members were planning to carry out terrorist attacks in the Rostov region upon orders from Syrian emissaries, the FSB press service said.

The cell’s leader detonated an explosive device and died while being detained, but another three perpetrators were apprehended.

“The Federal Security Service has exposed a clandestine cell of the Islamic State international terrorist organization (outlawed in Russia), whose members were following orders by IS emissaries based in Syria, planning to use firearms and improvised explosive devices to carry out high-impact terrorist attacks in the Rostov region,” the FSB said.

According to the FSB, the operation to detain the cell’s members also involved police officers. Firearms, a homemade explosive device and munitions were seized from the three detained members of the IS cell, as well as means of communication and electronic data storage devices containing terrorist propaganda materials. “During the operation, the cell’s leader put up armed resistance, detonated an identified improvised explosive device and suffered fatal wounds,” the FSB added.

An Ak-74 rifle, hand grenades and instructions for making explosive devices were also found.

Source: Tass