Turkish police detained two ISIS terrorists in Istanbul and seize two millions in cash

Two ISIS terrorists were arrested by Turkish security forces in Istanbul after simultaneous operations targeted their residences in the city.

The arrests were made in the aftermath of anti-terror operations carried out by Istanbul’s Counterterrorism Branch (TEM) crews that simultaneous raided seven different addresses in in Istanbul.

Residences in the Istanbul districts of Fatih, Avcılar, Ümraniye, Kadıköy, among others, were raided on March 16, resulting in the arrests of two Daesh cell members.

The two suspects were determined to have been sending money and military equipment to Daesh camps in Syria and Iraq.

Money, gold, and military equipment were also seized in the aftermath of the operations. Approximately 1.8 million liras, 1.3 million dollars and 118,000 euros were seized as well as over eight kilograms of gold.

Suspects who have been in the custody of the Istanbul’s Counter-terrorism Branch for two weeks were escorted to court on March 30. The two cell members were charged in court and sent to jail.

Source: Yeni Safak