Disability pensioner who funded top ISIS terrorists bailed on a $50,000 surety

A disability pensioner charged with funding Islamic State fighters in Syria has been bailed on a $50,000 surety.

Isa Kocoglu, who was arrested during an early morning raid on his home in Hampton Park in October, took his fight for release to the Supreme Court after being refused bail by a magistrate.

Australian Federal Police believe the 43-year-old poses an unacceptable risk of interfering with witnesses and failing to answer bail, if released.

On Thursday Victorian Supreme Court Justice David Beach ruled that the surety and strict conditions lessened that risk.

Mr Kocoglu – who is on a pension because he is morbidly obese – is alleged to have sent almost $4000, using online payment system PayPal, to known Islamic State jihadist Yahya al-Bahrumi between November 2013 and August 2014.

Bahrumi, born in Texas as John Georgelas, is considered to be IS’s top producer of “high-end English language propaganda”, according to an investigation by The Atlantic.

Magistrate Luisa Bazzani refused Mr Kocoglu bail in October over concerns he was at risk of offending and fleeing Australia.

Source: The Age