Egyptian experts: Parties from the region finance Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated “Hasm” Movement

Several experts on political Islam have asserted that the terrorist “Hasm” movement, which claimed responsibility for the el-Haram Street explosion, was formed from cells that participated in the Rabaa al-Adawiyasit-in and other cells affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

They emphasized that several countries are sponsoring these groups to execute terrorist operations against army and police personnel, so as to present Egypt as a country mired in terrorism and to isolate it internationally. SamehEid, a dissident Brotherhood leader, explained that regional parties hostile to Egypt, such as Qatar and Turkey, are funding factions affiliated with the Brotherhood.

Nabil Naim, former leader of the Islamic Jihadist movement in Egypt and a current expert on Islamist groups, concurred, emphasizing that “Hasm” is a relatively new terrorist movement formed just four years ago. In addition to Brotherhood youth, “Hasm” boasts militants from jihadist groups and young supporters of the “Hazmoon Movement”, who backed Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, the Islamist cleric who ran for president.

According to Naim, the financing for these groups comes from Turkey, and its schemes are being sketched by leaders of the Brotherhood and their allies in Turkey.

Source: /Akhbarkom