ISIS burns a Egyptian Christian alive in northeastern Sinai

An Egyptian Christian was burned alive by ISIS in northeastern Sinai, according to an Egyptian security source who specified that the alleged ISIS jihadists used a firearm to kill another Coptic Christian.

The two killings come after ISIS threatened on a video distributed between Sunday and Monday that it would attack Egyptian Christians.

The Coptic Christian who was allegedly burned alive was 45-year-old Medhat Hana, and the other victim was his 65-year-old father Saad.

Egyptian security forces would only confirm with ANSA that the bodies of the two Coptic Christians were found Wednesday morning “behind a school in the centre of Al-Arish” and that “one was burned and the other was killed with shots from a firearm”. Coptic Christians make up about 10% of the Egyptian population and are the largest Christian community in the Middle East.

The Egyptian branch of ISIS had distributed a video that called Coptics the “favored prey” of ISIS.

The video said last December’s attack on a Cairo church that killed 27 people was “only the beginning” of the persecution of these “infidels”.

This year three Coptics have been killed with firearms in three separate attacks in Arish, in northeastern Sinai, where ISIS has been conducting a bloody guerrilla war against Egyptian armed forces for the past three years.

Source: /Ansamed