Ex-Brotherhood leader: “In the last 100 years the Muslim Brotherhood has never seen corruption like in the rule of Mahmoud Ezzat”

Dr. Mohammed Habib, the former Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, claimed that Mahmoud Ezzat, acting Supreme Guide, has done what no agency or Brotherhood regime could ever do.

The group is now splintered, he explained ,into sects and factions that are fighting each other. This conflict will not end until one faction defeats the other. In this case, the Brotherhood will just be a dead body without a soul.

Habib noted: “The Brotherhood, for 100 years since its inception, has not seen such corrupt leaders, as witnessed during Ezzat’s rule. This is pushing the group towards further conflicts, and (will lead) in the future to the termination of the group’s history.

Source: /Mogaz News