Former ISIS leader reveals group’s methods to cut expenses and safe money

Former head of an ISIS diwan (governmental administrative office) in Raqqa said that the international coalition’s air strikes targeting oil fields in regions under the organization’s control, in addition to{hitting} its “banks” ,have inflicted heavy financial losses on it. This has forced ISIS to reduce most of its expenditures.

The former official in the terror organization, who was identified only as “Abu Moaz” following his defection, maintained that ISIS has been undergoing financial hard ships which have affected the equipping and arming of its fighters during warfare, consequently leading to its string of defeats. Abu Moaz added, “For example, each Wali {governor} used to own {a fleet of} several vehicles, but ISIS confiscated all the vehicles and left each Wali with just one car.

Of course, not only were the governors affected, but also the Emirs saw the number of their cars reduced. Salaries of fighters were also cut, and there are no compensations for fighters. {Families of} dead militants do not receive stipends. ISIS has economized on everything, even on the food in prisons. Prisoners used to receive three meals a day in ISIS security prisons or Hisbah Islamic police prisons; they now serve prisoners just one meal a day.”

Source: /AkhbarAlaan