Germany under second terrorist THREAT: The real attacker is walking between the Germans

The terrorist attack that took place in Berlin has new views, after the police arrested ‘wrongman”. That means that the real terrorist is walking between the Germany citizens!

Berlin’s police chiefs warned of a second Christmas terror attack last night after quizzing the wrong man about the truck rampage which left at least 12 people dead.

Senior officers said the popular tourist city faced the possibility of an imminent follow-up to the carnage unleashed at a seasonal market.

They said the killer may still be on the run after admitting a 23-year-old Pakistani refugee arrested near the scene was not the real attacker.

Officials said the attacker hijacked the 25-tonne lorry after murdering its Polish driver and leaving his body in the cab.

As well as killing 11 people at the market, the hit-and-run incident left 49 people injured, including 14 seriously.

One police source told respected Die Welt newspaper: “We have the wrong man. And therefore a new situation. The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause fresh damage.”

Police chief Klaus Kandt said the detained suspect, named only as Naved B, was not necessarily behind the wheel.

Berlin prosecutor Holger Münch urged residents to remain in doors as there was a “serious threat” of another “significant” terror attack.

Mrs Merkel, who laid white roses at the scene of the tragedy, said: “There is much we still do not know with sufficient certainty. But we must, as things stand now, assume it was a terrorist attack.”

Federal public prosecutor Peter Frank said the “modus operandi” echoed last July’s attack in Nice, where an Islamic State thug massacred 86 people.

He said Monday’s incident – in which the lorry was driven at 40mph into shoppers at the Breitscheidplatz Square market – could have been IS-inspired.

“For now we don’t know whether there was one attacker or several attackers. We also don’t know whether they had support. We have to think that the person who was arrested yesterday, a man of Pakistani nationality – we have to be open to the idea that he could possibly not have been the attacker.”

The lorry was stolen from 37-year-old Lukasz Urban, who was stabbed and shot dead and left inside his cab.

Mr Urban, a married father of one, had been on his way home to prepare Christmas presents when he was waylaid after stopping to buy a kebab.

His cousin, Ariel Zurawski, who is also his employer, added: “Lukasz’s wife did not want to identify the body, she is too upset.

A family member identified Lukasz instead. “She is very distressed, as is their son, and they have had no support from either Germany or Poland. No psychologists, specialists, she is on her own.”

Witnesses said victims including children were sent flying like bowling pins and sucked under the wheels leaving “rivers of blood”.

Investigators believe the killer driver escaped by jumping out of the cab and racing from the scene.

The Pakistani suspect was arrested after a member of the public alerted police at the scene.

He was released yesterday evening. Only six of the nine dead have been identified but Italian Fabrizia Lorenzo, 31, is missing.

Her mobile phone and travel pass were found in the crash zone. Mrs Merkel said: “How can you live with the fact that, while celebrating the festive season where we want to celebrate life, somebody has come along and took so many lives? “I only know that we do not want, and we cannot live with it.

“We do not allow ourselves to be paralysed by terror.“

In London, Prime Minister Theresa May paid her own tribute, saying events in Berlin had “shocked us all”.

US President Barack Obama offered his condolences for the “horrific apparent terrorist attack” in a telephone conversation with Mrs Merkel.

A spokesman said: “The President reiterated the US offer of assistance and underscored that no attack could sway our determination – and that of our German allies – to defeat terrorism in all of its forms.”

Source: /Express