Germany’s public television allowed Muslim woman in full niqab wear to praise Islamists who join the terrorist group in Syria

Germany’s public TV broadcaster allowed a Muslim woman in full niqab to praise Islamists who join ISIS in Syria’s ‘promised land’.

The ARD show hosted by Anne Will featured a man who had lost his daughter to ISIS, a politician, an expert on Islam and an imam discussing the question of ‘why young people are being radicalised’.

Also a guest was Nora Illi, the women’s representative of an unofficial group called the Islamic Central Committee of Switzerland, who attended the live show in a niqab.

Illi said she had turned to Islam after dabbling with Buddhism because she was ‘fascinated by Islam’s diversity’ and argued that ‘in Islam, women have many rights and possibilities’, a statement swiftly challenged by other guests on the show.

Illi argued that youths who head to Syria to wage jihad should be praised as showing ‘civil courage’, according to an excerpt of the text on Facebook.

She also told the talkshow that young women ‘who feel that they have been shut out by society and want to break away could view Syria as the promised land, as the only way out’.

Source: /Daily Mail