ISIS is using increasingly unconventional weapons such as drones dropping grenades on Iraqi army forces

Islamic State fighters are using ‘increasingly unconventional’ weapons as the battle for Mosul rages, it has been reported.

The latest footage from Iraq shows drones dropping grenades while poisonous gas is being added to suicide car bombs.

ISIS has been using drones for some time but they are becoming more effective at using them, The Times reports.

One officer with the federal police told the paper: “Two days ago as our forces were moving toward the enemy defensive line, an Isis drone dropped a bomb over our main base in Hamam al-Alil (south of Mosul).

“Two of our policemen were killed and two others wounded.”

Another new type of weapon found was a suicide vehicle bomb with canisters holding 1,000 litres of chlorine gas strapped to the back, according to federal police, the paper added.

The revelations come after a puppy strapped with a suicide vest by ISIS thugs was saved by Iraqi freedom fighters in footage showing the terror group plumbing new depths.

The bomb is made from several bottles connected to electrical wires and said to be designed for killing or maiming up to four people.

In the video, Iraqi government-backed rebels – battling to drive ISIS out of the country – explain how the fanatics wanted the pup to wander across the front line where they would have detonated it by remote control.

Source: /Mirror