Indonesian police foil ISIS-inspired New Year’s attack plot in Bali

Three men have been killed and another arrested as police seized bombs during an anti-terror raid in Indonesia, local media reports.

The alleged terrorists died as officers stormed a property in the city of Tangerang, to the west of Jakarta, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

It is thought the explosives, which were ready to be detonated, were due to be used during an attack on tourist spots in Bali around the New Year.

One of those killed is believed to be a convicted killer who was radicalised in jail by a militant who plotted to attack the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta in 2013.

Intelligence expert Wawan Purwanto told The Australian that the group had been plotting a co-ordinated attack against revelers at the end of the year.

The raid was carried out by Densus 88, members of the country’s anti-terror police, the Tribune News reported.

Counter terror expert Taufik Andrie said the terrorists had been communicating with Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian ISIS member believed to be fighting in Syria.

Mr Andrie said: ‘He’s the one that gives them inspiration, a kind of training. Police are still pursuing other members of the group.

‘The Christmas and New Year period become an annual momentum used by the radicals to launch an attack so the police are now more alert.

‘The plan is not as big as the first or second Bali bombings but it is dangerous, they are using high explosives.’

Meanwhile in Northern Sumatra more Densus officers carried out a raid on the home of another suspected terror leader.

The man, named locally as a man called Shafii, 27, was arrested in the village of Aji Baho and is believed to be a member of Katibah Gonggong Rebus, a terror cell named after a local dish made from snails.

Their leader, an IT worker called Gigih Rahmat Dewa, was arrested this summer.

The most recent raid comes after three suspected terrorists were arrested on Sunday in the town of Solo and accused of making a bomb for a female attacker.

In total, 14 suspected terrorists are being interrogated after raids in recent weeks.

Following the arrests the Department of Foreign Affairs issued updated travel advice for Indonesia, asking people to exercise ‘a high degree of caution’.

The advice says: ‘Indonesian authorities continue to arrest terrorists who have allegedly been in the advanced stages of attack planning.

‘The terrorist threat level in Indonesia remains high. Terrorist attacks could occur anywhere at any time in Indonesia, including Bali.

‘Be particularly vigilant during the Christmas and New Year period as gatherings of Westerners could be targeted.

‘We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia, including Bali.’

Source: /Daily Mail