ISIL terrorists executes 45 civilians in Kirkuk Province in quest for reign of fear

The ISIL terrorist group executed nearly four dozen civilians after charging them with spying for the government in the city of Hawija in Kirkuk province.

“The ISIL executed 45 citizens of al-Hawija city in al-Bokara military base in Kirkuk province in order to frighten others in the region,” senior Iraqi popular forces commander Hassan al-Soufi said on Tuesday.

In late August, the ISIL executed several civilians by putting them between two trucks with their hands tied up to them; then the trucks moved in opposite directions as ISIL terrorists poured oil on the six and lit them up,” a local source said.

The Mosul citizens were burned and maimed before the eyes of other people in a square near Hamam al-Alil square in Mosul city on Monday.

The ISIL terrorist group executed over half a dozen Iraqi citizens in Nineveh province by putting them in iron cages and submerging them in water.

“A sum of 8 Iraqi civilians were arrested in al-Douse district in the center of the city of Mosul on charges of spying for the government and Peshmerga forces and were later submerged in iron cages,” a local source said.

The ISIL terrorists recorded the scenes as they were killing the 8 as they were caught in iron cages.

 Source: /Farsnews