ISIS bombed the biggest hotel in Mosul

Local residents said that ISIS bombed on Saturday the largest hotel in Mosul.

A local source told the German News Agency that the ISIS militants bombed the Opraway Hotel, the largest hotel in Mosul which was made up of 11 storeys.

The source explained that the militants used barrels of TNT to explode the building.

ISIS changed the name of the hotel to ‘al-Warithin’ and made it a secure place for its leaders which caused the resentment of the residents of Mosul.

The ISIS militants already began a campaign of bombing public administrative buildings in central Mosul, according to a source from Nineveh Police department, and the militants destroyed a number of buildings earlier on Wednesday, and bulldozed four churches in the city.

According to an officer from Nineveh police, this step of the terrorist group indicates that it is certain about its defeat in Mosul and the loss of the city is only a matter of time, particularly after it has been surrounded by the Iraqi forces.

Source: /ABNA