ISIS claims responsibility for the death of U.S. Service member in Afghanistan

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a blast that killed an American service member in Afghanistan during operations against the terror group on Tuesday.

ISIS made the claim in its Amaq news agency, Reuters first reported Wednesday. The death of the service member, who has not yet been identified, was revealed by U.S. Forces Afghanistan in a statement Tuesday.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that the American troop died from injuries sustained when the patrol struck an improvised explosive device, or IED, in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook would not describe the casualty as a combat death but said that the service member died “in a combat situation.”

It is unclear whether any Afghans were also wounded in the explosion. Cook said that there were no reports of any other U.S. or Afghan forces killed in the blast. However, Amaq reported that three Afghan soldiers were also killed in the explosion.

U.S. and Afghan personnel have partnered in a counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan targeting the Khorasan Province, the ISIS branch in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Pentagon is investigation the death of the American service member.

Source: /Free Bacon