ISIS head of female suicide bombers escapes the terror group with woman and millions of dollars

The head of ISIS female suicide bombers has gone on the run after stealing millions of dollars from the twisted terror group.

Abu Mu’taz Qahtani is also the extremist death cult’s head finance officer in Mosul but is now thought to have fled the under siege Iraqi city with large quantities of the group’s cash.

Mosul is currently at the centre of a huge battle between Iraq coalition forces and ISIS terror thugs.

A source told al-Sumaria News that the terrorist has gone on the run with a German woman who was responsible for recruiting dozens of foreign females.

The pair are also said to have swiped ‘important documents’ belonging to ISIS and their whereabouts is currently unknown.

News of the desertion comes as another blow to ISIS as they attempt to hold off vastly superior Iraqi forces that have encircled the city.

Panicking terrorists are ‘deep-frying alive deserters who run away from fierce Mosul battles’, it’s emerged tonight, Mirror reported.

Source: /Alalam