ISIS in Lebanon is financing its operations from drug trafficking

Drugs have also become militants tool for gaining profits from their distribution and sale. Investigations revealed that terrorist organizations use money earned by the trade of contraband and illegal goods, such as hashish, cocaine and Captagon, to finance their terrorist operations.

The investigations also found that a significant percentage of drug dealers come from universities and slums, especially in Tripoli and other parts of northern Lebanon. This was evident also in the case of the recently dismantled network, comprising more than 15 Lebanese and Syrian members; eight of them from Tripoli and seven from Koura and Batroun.

Among them was the son of terrorist Ahmed Mikati, who was arrested on charges of plotting to establish an Islamic Emirate of allegiance on behalf of ISIS in northern Lebanon. Probes also revealed that the head of this gang is wanted in connection to more than 200 arrest warrants. It is interesting to note that this network was preparing to start exporting (drugs) to Jordan.

Source: /OnlyLebanon