ISIS is losing its oil, the militants sell oil truckloads for $2000

Since all of the ISIS’s funding sources diminished (following the bombardment of several sites) mainly in Mosul, where it used to keep millions of dollars, the terror group has lost control over some important oil fields.

Recently, it lost most of the oil wells in Qayyarah, in addition to the loss of personnel responsible for smuggling oil into areas subject to ISIS’s control in Iraq and Syria. ISIS still maintains control over several oil wells, especially in the northern part of the Qayyarah district, which is yet not liberated by the Iraqi forces.

After losing control of important oil fields, ISIS’ soil sales dropped to just five truckloads per day, after previously selling around 50 truckloads daily. The price of a single oil truck load currently being charged by ISIS is estimated at approximately $2000 (down from $6000).

Source: / AkhbarAlaan