ISIS jihadis humiliating prisoners with painting spray before blasting them to death

ISIS terrorists humiliated a priswoner on the steets of Mosul by spray painting his head and shooting him in a defiant show of strength against the West.

It comes as the US-led coalition began their onslaught on Mosul to annihilate the demonic death cult.

The twisted jihadis released footage of its terrorists graffitiing on the top of a man’s head before shooting him from point-blank range. The footage is captured from a “first-person” angle.

Five other men – thought to have been spies – are forced to their knees with their backs to the wall and shot in the back of the head.

The horrific footage is believed to have been released as a deliberate ploy from ISIS to bring Mosul residents under control before the onslaught on the city from US-led forces.

Around 30,000 Iraqi government, Kurdish Peshmerga and Sunni militias began their assault on Iraq’s second city on Sunday night.

Source: /Express