ISIS militants are expected to use chemical weapons against Iraqi Forces in Mosul

“ISIS has brought several shipments of chemical weapons, particularly chlorine and mustard agents, to Mosul,” the head of the Nineveh Media Centre, Raafat al-Zarari said, ARA News reported.

The introduction of mustard gas into Mosul’s sprawling urban districts would cause burning, blindness, and difficulty breathing. While ISIS militants could retreat into their labyrinthine tunnel network, there would be no escape for the besieged civilians.

In a previously undisclosed document, US officials had also confirmed the presence of a sulfur mustard agent on ISIS munitions back in early October.

Media reported in September that US forces had been gathering and testing ISIS shell fragments because of the groups past use of mustard gas.

Earlier, Iraqi Lieutenant General Talib Shaghati told reporters, at a military base on Tuesday, that up to 6,000 ISIS militants were currently inside the Mosul city. Up to 1.5 million civilians are thought to be alongside them.

If the reports are accurate, they would impede the operation to retake Mosul, being conducted by the Kurdish Peshmerga, the Iraqi Army and the US-led coalition.

“We may face a more complex situation in the battle for Mosul than expected,” a Kurdish Peshmerga officer told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“We are aware of ISIS moves in Mosul. The terrorist group is willing to put all of its strength in the upcoming battle for Mosul,” the Kurdish officer said.

“Using chemical agents during the fight is highly possible, and we’ll make our preparations for such a scenario.”

Source: /Farsnews