ISIS militants will launch terror attacks on Britain as they are forced out of Iraq

ISIS will launch terror attacks on Britain once the jihadis are forced from their stronghold in Mosul in Iraq, a government minister has warned.

International Development minister Rory Stewart said it was ‘overwhelmingly likely’ that Iraqi forces, backed by allied air power, will force the jihadis out of Mosul.

Many of the foreign fighters are believed to be planning to return to their home countries such as Britain, among the estimated one million people who could flee the city.

But he warned that as pressure ratchets up on ISIS in Iraq, they may seek revenge by launching terror attacks in the UK and Europe.

He told BBC One’s Sunday Politics: ‘This is a group that has proved over the last five years very unpredictable.

‘It changes very quickly. Often it does unexpected things. For example, when in 2009 its predecessor had been largely wiped out in Iraq, it attached into Syria. When it was under pressure in Syria it came back into Iraq.

‘In the past it didn’t hold territory. Now it holds territory. It is clear that that’s something that they are focused on.

‘So we also have, along with all the stuff within the region, a big, big focus on counter-terrorism, security and making sure that we keep the United Kingdom and Europe safe.’

His comments came as Iraqi and Kurdish forces continue their push against ISIS terrorists in Mosul.

Source: /Daily Mail