ISIS releases a new alphabet coloring book for kids, featuring weapons such as hand grenade,AK-47 and suicide vest

The Islamic State has allegedly published a children’s alphabet coloring book which features various weapons with corresponding letters in the Arabic alphabet.

Titled “Alphabet Tutor 2”, the book features outlines of an AK-47 assault rifle, hand grenade and what appears to be a suicide vest. The infamous black flag of ISIS is featured on the book’s cover, in addition to colorful drawings.

Like many other jihadi groups, ISIS puts a heavy emphasis on indoctrinating children. The organization created the so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate” after its rise in 2014 with the intention of brainwashing children as young as five-years old with the group’s violent radical Islamic ideology. Younger children are put into religious schools while older boys go straight to military training camps so they can become fodder in the ISIS army ranks. The terrorist group allegedly takes blood from children in order to treat wounded fighters.

Source: /Daily Caller