ISIS releases video of terrorists crucifying victims after stabbing & shooting them

Islamic State jihadis have unleashed a horrific montage of killings that also includes children carrying out executions.

The disgusting clip shows Daesh terrorists murdering blindfolded men in orange jumpsuits in busy town squares.

Masked jihadis can be seen stringing up the prisoners before horrifically knifing them and shooting them.

Children dressed in army uniform can also be seen blowing away pensioners as they kneel on the floor with their heads down.

It is not known when the warped video was taken but it comes after another heinous clip was released showing an alleged spy being obliterated with an artillery gun.

The film, which was named ‘Allah will be sufficient for you against them two’, also features two beheadings.

It comes after intelligence sources claimed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has fled the besieged city of Mosul.

The terror leader’s reported escape comes after Baghdadi urged his brainwashed jihadis to fight until the end and hold on to the city which is the last major foothold the death cult has in Iraq.

Source: /The Express