ISIS savages abduct and behead 100-year-old blind priest for ‘witchcraft’

ISIS monsters abducted a 100-year-old blind man before beheading him in a ritualistic execution – accusing him of “witchcraft”.

Sick death cult jihadis abducted the man – named locally as Suleiman Abu Heraz – two weeks ago from his farm.

ISIS savages then forced the man, who is reportedly 100-years-old and blind, into an orange jumpsuit before carrying out the brutal beheading.

Terrorists then posted the pictures online after carrying out the killing in Egypt.

Using a long curved sword, the black masked executioner chopped off the elderly man’s head in the brutal killing.

Local media reports the man’s identity and said he was captured a fortnight ago from his home on a farm near el-Arish in Egypt.

Abu Heraz was reportedly a blind cleric for the Sufi branch of Islam, and was accused of “witchcraft” by the monstrous cult.

Source: /Daily Star