ISIS soldiers who use chemical weapons ‘get £4 cash bonus per rocket fired’- the jihadi group encourage their soldiers to shoot more rockets for more money


ISIS cruelty in Iraq seems to know no bounds, but newly discovered documents seem to reveal the greed at the heart of their ideology – as soldiers who use chemical weapons get a cash bonus.

Unbelievable notebooks filled with annotations which are thought to be real state that the fighters are given up to 10 silver dirhams – around £4.

The documents, discovered by a Sky News team in Bashiqa, Iraq, and dated 14 July 2016, show a motivational list of rewards given to fighters depending on their performance in battle.

The ‘price list’ for warfare is in dirhams and dinars, the currency which ISIS itself has minted for use in its caliphate.

As well as being offered 10 silver dirhams per chemical weapon, according to the system, the men were promised money to take out planes, helicopters and drones – 10 golden dinars (around £1,127). They could gain seven gold dinars for destroying a tank – roughly £800.

Armoured vehicles garnered four golden dinars, with others earning two.

Those who take out snipers could receive one dinar if it is filmed – £117 – or half a dinar with a witness, while other military targets also need similar proof for the reward of one silver dirham – less than 50 pence.

Source: /Mirror