Islamic State document shows trade of women abductees

As the Islamic State group (IS) is announced defeated in the major Iraqi city of Mosul, their atrocities, especially inhuman abuses against women are being revealed with more details. The recently found evidences show the extremist group systematically traded women captured during war.

According to documents published BasNews, IS court in Mosul on 16th August 2016 sold a woman abductee at a price of $1,500. The document is prepared by the group’s Notary Public, and fingerprinted by two individuals described as seller and buyer.

The woman, which is considered by IS rule as slave, is named as ‘Najma Sa’id’, 20 years old and 130 centimetres tall.

Since its emergence in Syria and Iraq, IS has abducted thousands of women, among them a thousands of Kurdish Yazidi girls, trading them among its members as sex slaves.

On August 3, 2014 Islamic State group captured most parts of Sinjar district, home to around 400,000 Yazidis, in northwest Iraq which led thousands of Kurdish families to flee to Mount Sinjar, where they were trapped in it and suffered from significant lack of water and food, killing and abduction of thousands of Yazidis as well as rape and captivity of thousands of women.

According to Iraqi officials a total number of 7,000 Yazidi women, children and girls were abducted. The women are forced into sex slavery and are subjected to systematic rape. Even underage girls at the age of nine are not spared from sexual assault by the Islamic jihadists.

More than 3,000 Yazidi women are believed still held captive by IS, according to the community’s leaders.

Source: Ekurd