Islamic State e-book released to home-school ‘lone wolves’

Islamic State’s Turkish franchise has released a how-to e-book for terrorist amateurs that seeks to increase the frequency of attacks and the range of targets in the West.

The first-of-a-kind “Lone Wolf’s Handbook,” written in Turkish, gives detailed instructions for burning parked cars, setting forest fires, setting traps for highway accidents, making bombs, instructions for suicide-truck attacks on pedestrians, and the most efficient ways to detonate buildings. The 66-page manual with 174 illustrations and 7 charts was released July 3 via encrypted chat rooms in the Telegram instant messaging service and other online platforms.

The author urges readers to carry out in Europe and the United States. But since the Turkish-speaking terror network in Europe is far more extensive than its counterpart in the United States, European cities may be the first targets.

The publication of the e-book comes as Islamic State faces battlefield losses, including the fall of Mosul to U.S.-backed Iraqi forces this week and a separate siege that has already breached the wall of the terror group’s “caliphate” capital in Raqqa, Syria. Many U.S. officials and private analysts are predicting the Islamic State will revert to classic terror strikes such as the ones carried out in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and London after it no longer has to defend a territorial base in the Middle East.

Source: Washington Times