Islamic State terrorists launch chilling plan to ‘flood Europe with jihadi terrorists’

Thousands of pages of new European intelligence gathered about the Paris terror attacks, where 130 people were slaughtered by ISIS terrorists in November, has revealed that the scale of the deadly attacks could have been much worse.

New documents leaked to the media have found two other would-be attackers – Algerian Adel Haddadi and Pakistani Muhammad Usman – also planned to unleash jihad on the French capital.

The pair were given fake Syrian passports and smuggled into Europe using the same route refugees have been using to escape the war-torn country.

The jihadis were only stopped when Greek authorities found the would-be jihadis using fake passports – with the delay meaning they could not take part in the deadly Paris attack.

Another shocking revelation from the 90,000 pages of intelligence found one suspected terrorist linked to the Paris attacks, Abid Tabaouni, remained at large for eight months before being arrested by authorities.

Source: /Express