Israel withdraw its Ambassador from Egypt over fear of ISIS attack

Israel quietly withdrew its ambassador to Egypt, and all the embassy team, due to fears that Islamic State operatives in Cairo would target them.

The Telegraph reported on Tuesday that Ambassador David Govrin returned to Israel two and half months ago, though his departure remained confidential.

Israeli security officials recommended that the ambassador and his team return immediately to Israel a few days before the bombing of Saint Mark’s Cathedral, an ancient Coptic church in Cairo, which killed 27 people. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack.

Israeli intelligence concluded that ISIS operatives in Cairo could present an immediate threat to the lives of the Israeli diplomatic team. According to the Telegraph, a spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday night that they had no additional information about the issue and did not know when the Israeli ambassador would be returning to Cairo.

Ambassador Govrin arrived in Cairo in August 2016. He has continued to perform his diplomatic duties from Jerusalem and the Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed hope that he would be able to return to his office in Cairo shortly.

Diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel are at an all time high, especially in relation to security coordination. Both countries are tackling severe security challenges from ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In September 2011, rioters attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo and six Israeli security guards were trapped inside. The embassy was later moved to a more secure, discrete location.

Source: /The Tower