French security services inform that about 700 French jihadists are fighting for ISIS terrorist group

French security services have warned 700 French citizens who have pledged an allegiance to the Islamic State are fighting in Iraq or Syria and they are set to return to the country imminently.

At least 250 trained fighters are part of the army of jihadis who are plotting to go back to their homeland from Syria and Iraq.

The “fighters” described as “executioners, gravediggers, suicide bombers and jailers” could be back in mainland Europe in the coming weeks.

Top level meetings are being planned by senior Government officials over fears the ISIS operatives could unleash more terror in France which is still in a state of emergency.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is set to host talks next Thursday over the concerns, it has been claimed.

According to the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security as many as 460 of those believed to have fled to Iraq and Syria were born in France or have French parents.

Loic Garnier, the director of the coordination of counter-terrorism unit (UCLAT) told French newspaper Le Figaro the fighters have “learned to demystify the fight, to shoot unblinkingly on men or women, to show cold-bloodedness during the action as we saw at the Bataclan”.

He added: “They know the craftsmanship and the handling of explosives.

“They learned to [booby] trap a car, and use explosive belts.

“Finally, some continue to follow blindly the instructions of their emir recommending stabbing or the use of trucks like in Nice.

“These jihadists are ready for anything and everything, the important thing being to kill ‘disbelievers’. ”

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In October last year it was revealed almost 2,000 children are on a watch list of more than 15,000 Islamic radicals in the country.

French authorities began tracking people on a database in March of 2015 following the Charlie Hebdo attacks and shootings at a kosher market in January of that year that killed 17 people.

However that did not prevent the subsequent co-ordinated attacks in Paris in November of last year which killed 130 or the horrifying slaughter of 86 people at the Bastille day celebrations in Nice in July.

There has been a total of 21 terror attacks across the country since December 2014 sparking widespread anger and a backlash against French president Francois Hollande.

Source: Express