ISIS kidnaps tens of civilians in Iraq’s Kirkuk

Local sources reported that ISIL has embarked on kidnapping almost 900 civilians in Kirkuk following the terrorist group’s recent defeats in Mosul.

The ISIL abducted almost 900 people in the town of al-Huwieja Southwest of Kirkuk after losing its self-proclaimed capital of Mosul to the Iraqi forces.

Based on a document released by Kirkuk’s police, ISIL is to storm Kirkuk in three phases.

Based on the document, ISIL, in the first phase, plans to penetrate into the al-Shai region in the town of Daquq with 50 up to 60 fighters to go through Jomhour oilfield and enter Kirkuk from the direction of the town of Laylan.

In the second phase, the ISIL will storm the Kurdish Pishmarga fighters’ positions, mainly in Daquq, to open a way towards the main road between Kirkuk and Daquq. The terrorist group will then launch an offensive on Iraqi volunteer forces of Hashd al-Shaabi in al-Bashir region from near the town of al-Rashad to the village of Albu Shaher.

In a later stage and in the third phase, the ISIL will attack the town of al-Debs in Albu Hamdan region, then it will order its forces inside al-Debs to conquer the town and its government buildings to disturb security in the province.

Local sources in Nineveh province in Northwestern Iraq reported earlier today that a close friend of and an aide to ISIL Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has indirectly confirmed death of the terrorist group’s ring leader.

The Arabic-language al-Sumeriyeh news quoted the local sources as saying that Abu Qatibeh, a very close aide and friend to al-Baghdadi, cried and made repeated mistakes while doing a Friday prayers sermon in the town of Tal Afar West of Mosul city.

The sources who requested anonymity said that Baghdadi’s death is very likely, adding that Abu Qatibeh started suddenly crying while talking about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The sources said then Abu Qatibeh went silence for a while, and then he read several verses of the holy Quran and made several mistakes in his sermon.

Al-Sumeriyeh went on to say that the Friday Prayers leader did not directly point to the death of al-Baghdadi but the sermon of Abu Qatibeh that has special position in the ISIL terrorist organization can be considered as an early pointing to al-Baghdadi’s death.

The sources told al-Sumeriyeh that news about Abu Qatibeh’s sermon has spread across Tal Afar.

In relevant move, Abu Al-Bara’a al-Moseli, one of the leaders of the ISIL, confirmed the terrorist group’s heavy defeat in Mosul in a sermon in another mosque in Tal Afar.

Source: Farsnews