Arab states send huge convoy of food, medical and pharmaceutical supplies to ISIS in Deir Ezzur

Local sources in Deir Ezzur disclosed that the ISIS terrorist group has received a fifth cargo of food, medical and pharmaceutical aids sent by the Arab states to the Syrian city of Bu Kamal.

“Several trucks carrying foodstuff and pharmaceutical aids have been sent to ISIS-controlled areas by certain Arab countries in the Persian Gulf on the pretext that these are aid cargoes sent by Syrian expatriates to their families in Deir Ezzur province,” an informed source told FNA on Tuesday.

The source noted that the aids for the ISIS terrorists is the fifth cargo being sent in less than a month, and said similar aids are sent to the Turkish-backed terrorists that are deployed in the ISIS-controlled Azaz city, although the last such cargo has been delayed.

He went on to say that not only the militants with links to Turkey, but also the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) let the trucks packed with medical and food aids go through their lands despite the fact that they know that the aids are destined for the ISIS terrorists.

The source said the cargo sent by the Arab states to the ISIS has now been transferred to a warehouses along the Bu Kamal-Deir Ezzur road that is under the the control of the terrorist group.

In a relevant development late June, Saudi Arabia sent new cargoes of weapons and financial aid to the terrorists in Aleppo in Northern Syria to strengthen them against the Syrian army and its allies’ fresh attacks, a source said.

“The Saudi regime has recently sent small arms and new equipment, including 5 drones, to the terrorists in Syria,” the source said.

To this end, Riyadh has sent one of its ranking officers to the regions controlled by terrorists in Northern Aleppo to supply them with money and arms to intensify attacks and open new fronts against the Syrian army and popular forces, the source added.

A battlefield source said on Sunday that the Syrian army troops and popular forces, backed by the Syrian Air Force, continued advances in the Southern regions of Aleppo province, managing to recapture the al-Asamat region from terrorist groups.

“Pro-government forces engaged in a series of fierce clashes with militant groups in al-Mallah Farms, killing a number of the terrorists as they recaptured Asamat area,” the source noted.

Source: /Farsnews